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Friday, September 16, 2011

Rejected TV Ads [VIDEO]

Zune paint very Lol..!!! 

Thanks For Watching :-)

Everyone Love Mcd 1990 [VIDEO]

you know what? Mcd is really2 famous in Moscow at 1990 which is before the years i came in this world...

Thanks For Watching :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Day I've Been Through [DIARY]

On the Wednesday night[13/9/11],

i'm going to cinemas...somewhere a bit far from my home... need to take a ride about 20 minute or less if speed up like a pro or pre racer... when i make it there...going buying a ticket by foot which is i'm would like to take the asscalculator[escalator] then i find it wasn't function as's doesn't work...that's mean i have to take the know what? it's just one level above me....and i was near by the escalator..that's break my heart but i can't giving up to watch the movie... i take the lif..wait it up..and the door open i walk to the counter which is the place who want buy a ticket for watching the movie..

then...guess what? i took the seat that empty between the seat have taken by someone else..and the ticket seller ask me..."they're your friend on your seat between with it?" you know what in my mind? what a type of question??? it's weird someone watching a movie alone and seat between someone else? guess what's my answer? "no, i'm alone" huh... my heart feel it bad for me.. and a strange for the salesman...

then he tell me the movie is gonna start and i can get in now...when i getting in...i have a feeling that's make some comfort myself...then i get into the toilet first before get in to the movie... after that, i'm ready to watch it...

then.. i've found that between my seat on my left is a loving couple and his girlfriend seat just on my left..and on my right is a girl...i know that you all should be jealous of me..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Examples Of Infrared Photography [20 PIC]

Sejuk [cool]... By making the a camera's film sensor sensitive to infrared light, can be your inspiration who wanna be a photographer..